A long time coming

bath real estate

Above: The “After”: Cozy soaker tub, luxury finishes, amazing wood work.

When we purchased our Cleveland home over 2 years ago we knew we’d be doing a major overhaul of our bath.  Up to that point it was the only master bath I had had ever owned. It had a lot of space and even more potential. HELLO 1988-chic!


That double vanity was a ridiculous 96″ long. 8 feet! What is all that surface for, exactly? I didn’t know… so it had to go! The closet was outfitted with adjustable metal shelves that were falling down and the layout was not ideal.













.. A giant jacuzzi tub that sounded like a jet engine when the bubbles were on (that’s not very relaxing). It took 30 minutes to fill and was cold in ten. Seriously.  The port-a-john shower I just don’t understand. This bathroom is gigantic and the builder shoved this tiny shower in a tiny closet with a toilet. It was dark, ugly and impossible to shave your legs!


Even before demo started Mike and I took a lot of time to figure out a new layout. I came up with several options, and this one won!


SO then came demo…and moving of plumbing, and walls and electrical.


As well as framing, drywall, etc!

Somewhere along there we de-textured the popcorn ceiling. that was fun! Oh wait, no it wasn’t 😉 But at least it was something I could help with, hands-on! A little (or a lot of) water and some scraping tools and you’re good to go (for a few hours)


A trip to the tile store left me inspired! (after I got over the sticker shock of cool tile!)

Mike kept plugging away! This project took about 4 months. We slept in the spare bedroom and were lucky enough to have another full bath so we didn’t get sent home from work for being the stinky kids!


Heated tile floors!


The shampoo nook tile is by AKDO 🙂 In LOVE. They were $20 a piece but $200 for a unique statement is well spent, I think! The subway tile is 4″x 10″ and the floor is a Carrara marble hexagon shape.



We found the doors for the water closet and the master closet on Craigslist for about $100- perfect pocket doors (once the glass was etched!)

Mike finally got to do his favorite part of any project: the wood work. And he did an absolutely beautiful job!  He takes such care making sure everything is perfect. Proportioned, plumb, level, sanded and painted just right.

I painted the walls while Mike was at a concert one night. SW Black Magic.
The black vanity was from Wayfair – James Martin.


The beautiful chrome faucets are Moen. The lighting and mirrors are from Wayfair.

I really wanted to include a soaker tub in this space. It took me quite a while to find a tub that was small but still functional AND in my budget. This one was just over $1000.

View More: http://julinamarie.pass.us/lauren--mikes-home

And the “water closet”as my grandma would say:



Mike made this custom mirror with hidden jewelry storage. He thinks of everything 🙂


I must say, out of all the work we’ve done, this is by far my most favorite.  I know Mike worked his butt of to make my vision for this space a reality and I couldn’t be more thankful and proud!



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