I shudder at the thought…

…of painting shutters.

Or I did, before my genius husband made it easy with our little system!
**I highly recommend buying or renting a sprayer to make the job 100x easier.**

1.  Remove shutters. Watch for wasps and bees. They like to live behind them. 😉
2.  Power wash or give them a good scrub-down.
3.  Stack them up! And make sure they are dry. We made two stacks because we had 26 shutters to do.IMG_98704. Now you can spray all the sides in one shot! Spray the face of the top shutter, too.


5. Have a helper (in this case, moi) take a putty knife to carefully lift the first shutter off so the next shutter face can be sprayed.
6.  Place finished shutters somewhere safe to dry.  I DON’T RECOMMEND putting plastic on your lawn on a 85 degree day. (we kinda killed our grass!) oops!
IMG_98747. Don’t forget to give the screw-heads some love, too!IMG_9883

8. Let your shutters dry and rehang those babies!


And Voila! Amazing what an afternoon and $40 in paint can do!
I’ll post a better “after” photo once we get the landscaping in better order 😉

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