When One Door Closes…

…You make a table!  That’s how the saying goes, right?  🙂

Exactly one year ago this week Mike and I bought a car load of salvaged items from Arhaus Furniture. (Gotta love referencing Instagram for info like this)

imageSee the wood door panels with the jute string? We paid $100 each for them. We liked ’em so much, without the slightest idea what we would do with them, we bought 5!  No idea how old they are- given the method of construction, Mortise and Tenon, we think they are very old (whatever that means). Well, I’m happy to say two of them have a new purpose in life.  Actually 4 of them do! Mike and his brother Chris made a huge convertible patio table for Chris’ new apartment in the East Village)  So good:






 LOVE the planter idea when the table top is not in use. Great call, Chris!

Back to the project at hand, our sofa table!image_1





Mike and I designed the piece together, but of course it was his handiwork that brought our vision to life.

DSC_0064We strengthened the joints with a little wood glue.


After a lengthy debate we decided how long the table would be.
We settled on three “windows” worth, about 60″ long.

Mike drilled holes in the bottom of the table top for dowel-construction.

Then we marked the top of the “legs” to drill matching holes.

We added extra stability to this already surprisingly strong table using cast iron brackets from House of Antique Hardware. (about $8 each) There really is a website for everything!

We added custom ordered glass for the top from Portage Glass (about $70)

The finished project cost about $300 to make. With quality, authentic, reclaimed wood tables ranging from $600 to thousands of dollars, we are super happy with the result!

Have you ever thought about making your own piece of furniture?


“Keats” Cabinets are from Arhaus Loft. They needed some easy-peasy repairing 
so we got them at less than a third of the price! Herbarium on the wall was a DIY project you may remember and the two wooden crates are from The Sampler, a cute little antique co-op right here in Hudson, OH

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