Throwback Thursday Part III

Flashback to our city home in Buffalo, NY.  We really loved some of the quirky touches that came with our 1926 foursquare in the historic neighborhood of Park Meadow.  A few things didn’t make the cut though. Two of which were the painted-on “runner” on the stairway landing and this eclectic-meets-rickety-main bath:

The shower definitely needed to be replaced (mold issues) and with all the labor and materials that would come with that project, it didn’t take long to decide we should just gut it and start over.  So that’s what we did!

Bye Bye outdated ceramic tile (and sub-floor!) This floor could have withstood any natural disaster. It took Mike and I hours to break it up.
Hello new plumbing lines!


We realized in order to add a modern style shower to this space we needed to expand.  So there was linen closet off the hallway we demo-ed for the shower space.  The  drawers never worked right and the things we put in there never got used.

Here’s the framed out space and plumbing for the new shower
and for the new double vanity:












We (maybe just me) had a blast picking out materials. We designed this space for us (Little did we know we would move less than a year later). Luckily the great couple who purchased our home appreciated the work we did!


Tile for the floor, shower floor and shower walls (link to similar) came from Best Tile .  The Vanity, vanity top, mirror and fixtures all came from as we had a difficult time finding the exact size we needed locally.


427868_601908749355_1248998102_nWe added pull-out baskets under the vanity for easy access to towels and behind the mirror we added hard-wired rope lighting to serve as a night-light.


A note about the pebble floor:  You buy these in fiberglass sheets “for easy installation” but we read reviews that you could easily distinguish the 12’x12′ sheets after grouting. We decided to remove at least a row of pebbles all the way around each square and manually place them in. It was one of the few times when I felt my crafting skills were helpful to Mr. handyman, Mike who found it to be tedious. We also cut dozens of stones in half and laid the flat side to meet the shower walls. Together, we laid the pebble floor over a few hours. I’m glad we took the extra time.

The Shower doors were made and installed by
I miss that rain shower…
I just love how much more light the room has with the new paint color, cellular blinds and recessed lights. Quirky-cave no more!

As we think about embarking on our new house’s master bath renovation I am remembering just how long this renovation took. Nearly 3 months. However, if you willing to put in the time, blood, sweat and tears, you wind up with a space that is all you.  And it feels great!


photoI just had to share two more pictures. One of the last gatherings we had before we moved to Ohio was for supper club. For some reason we decided to see if you could fit 7 people in the shower!? 🙂




292970_594290965455_581420065_n  Riley diggin’ her first “bath” in the new shower 🙂 She approved!



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