Loads of Fun!

Let’s be honest. In many ways Pinterest is the devil.  Tempting us with desserts that call for a dozen candy bars, a can of chocolate frosting and a jar of peanut butter  with names like Better Than Sex Cake or Sin Brownies or whatever.  Fear not! I pinned a 3 Days to Six-Pack Abs article right after those so it’s all good. 😉 Before Pinterest, who ever thought their laundry room needed to be a one stop shop for… everything?  “Oh, you don’t have a dog shower, craft area and a gift wrapping station in YOURS?!?” 


My “laundry room”growing up looked more like this

I want know who is gifting things so frequently that they need a wrapping station (because I want to be their friend)  I am also admitting that I am completely guilty of coveting these over-the-top laundry rooms. Maybe if I had a wrapping station and a doggy-shower I would gift presents more frequently and have the best smelling dog on the block.   Here’s a few of the more elaborate Pinterest “laundry rooms” I have come across.  They’re like an iPhone. The last thing I actually do on my phone is use the telephone. 3ed3d5290f8fab672001c131e77a37b5   4f0f74813d68a75c916b3dc9d09ef88a             af8c0fbf07359ec4fe60f5ed5f86e8c9edcdf1d131207c643b4f535040d9c4e1










Using the crazy internet for inspiration we set out to practical-ize (I made that word up) the renovation of our small laundry room. Before: Old, dirty laminate flooring, a few abandoned mouse nests, florescent lighting (gross), plastic-covered wire shelving, and a few laminate cupboards that could barely store anything. DSC_0050_2 DSC_0049_2                         photo And then we started putting it back together! The paint color is Sherwin Williams Hearts of Palm.  Mike installed the in wall dryer vent and the hot/cold water lines.  We decided on a stackable  washer dryer set so we could make the best use of our space. Plus it was time for a new set! We sold the old ones to a few college students for a couple hundred bucks.   photo 3-2 We had some really nice glass-front cabinets left over from our kitchen renovation and we saved them just for this project.  To the left of the washer/dryer Mike made little cubbies for detergent, etc. photo-3 As you walk into our house from the garage the laundry room is immediately to your left, a half-bath to your right and the kitchen straight ahead. The little hallway area winds up being a catch-all for our shoes, coats, gloves, etc.  We thought about putting in a utility sink, but as far as family-funcionality goes, a locker area would be most helpful.  Plus the little bench make a great folding area. To further customize the look Mike took the extra time to add crown molding to the top of the cabinets and make a full-surround for the washer-dryer.  Man, he’s good! photo 2 The floors are a simple white-wash Pergo- “Driftwood Pine” from Lowes. If you want to try something trendy and fun this is a nice place to do it! It’s a small space that doesn’t date an entire house in just 5 years. You gotta live a little. photo-5


 LOVE! This cheerful space makes doing my least favorite domestic activity a little more tolerable.




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