Throwback Thursday Part II

Hi Everyone! Mike and I are between projects right now so every other Thursday I’ll post about one of our projects completed BRBBB (Before RustBeltBeautiful blog!) 😉

This week I would like to highlight our 1926 four-post home’s master bedroom closet makeover!  In addition to the closets, we refinished the floors,  added crown molding, a ceiling fan/light (no A/C in this house), new windows, paint and shelving above the radiators.

For an old home, this bedroom was a great size and and had two decent-sized walk-in closets. Almost unheard of for a home of this style and age.


You can see a sneak peek of Mike’s closet in this photo.

The layout of the closets left something to be desired though. The wire-covered-in-plastic shelving was falling down and the poor lighting made everything hard to find. I won’t even go into the faux-finish paint on the walls.

Mike asked me to design the closet of my dreams, and so I did. I measured the empty space and then converted the measurements where 1 foot equaled 1 inch in a word document (so high-tech.) Clearly this is before I discovered “Interior Design for ipad” … I didn’t even have an ipad.

This is what I came up with:

birs eye closet jpeg

Birds Eye View

front on closet jpeg

Looking in from closet doorway (there was no actual door)

You’ll notice I added lots of adjustable shelving and a makeup vanity in the middle. Am I the only one who still likes loves them? With its to-the-ceiling mirror, glass top for easy cleaning, awesome lighting and electrical outlets, it allowed me to get in and out of our one-full bath on that floor in no time. I miss that vanity! Since I wanted that area painted white Mike used a high quality MDF instead of solid, stain quality maple as he did with the rest of the closet.

Looking to the left inside the closet

Looking to the left inside the closet

Looking to the right inside the closet

Looking to the right inside the closet

………On the left side of the closet there’s space for hanging folded pants and a long open space for dresses. On the right side of the closet there were two large spaces for hanging shirts, jackets, suit coats etc. Any where there was shelving was used to store shoes, accessories and styling products… and books, because, why not!?

We did make a few changes to the design because, as you know, you don’t really know what things will look like in person until they appear.  My advice with any remodel is to change courses when you need to, see challenges as opportunities to be creative, and HAVE FUN!


Mike designed and crafted his own closet too:
028 (536x800)

As we start to think about the master bathroom remodel in our new home I can’t help but hope we can create something similar to this project again!


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