Throwback Thursday and Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday dear, Happy Birthday to us! 🙂 il_570xN.450339229_dthgPhoto and banner from Esty Seller, Burlap Girl

One year already. THANK YOU for sticking with me as I figure this whole blog thing out. Who am I kidding!? As I figure this whole LIFE thing out!  My 12 frequent readers and the dozens of random ones mean the world to me and help me feel connected to friends and family near and far. XOXO!

In honor of our birthday we are doing THROW BACK THURSDAY!

Here’s a little walk through memory lane from when Mike and I first entered the world of home improvement together. Somehow we made it through, got engaged, bought another house together, got married, sold that house, moved to a new state, bought a new one and continue our hobby of bringing character to the homes we love.

Our first house together (even though it was technically Mike’s 🙂
Over 6 years ago already.
12045_515999706765_5879120_nAdded that little porch, new windows, new roof, new landscaping

252690_511894239155_5984852_nWell that’s a gross demo-ed main bath


249250_511895282065_7754614_nDemoed Gross Kitchen

250351_504100173525_9282_nHalf way complete




248811_512157521535_3144124_nUnfinished Basement becoming finished…

IS1iycqsc1jc6g3Basement Craft Room – I miss this little space!

Here’s to another year of renovation and revelation!


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