Deck the Halls

I mentioned before that Mike and I were in full beast mode getting our house together before the holidays. The very last thing we did (like the day before all the guests arrived) was paint the foyer, hang photos and upgrade our chandelier. What can I say, deadlines are very motivating!

Remember this beauty of a chandelier?DSC_0059_2

scaff     ladder
Who invests in scaffolding!? My Husband.

The new chandelier is from Joss & Main. The paint is Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl color-matched for Sherwin Williams… it’s a blue/ grey.


Ever want to display your travel photos but want to avoid… 1.) A MILLION pictures of yourself and your significant other 2.) the most cliche or predictable images that represent that city? Try highlighting a random photo that reminds YOU of the place you went. It’s great conversation starter and it’s fun to recall each place in this special way!

Top from left: 1.  Caves (I’m in that one), Aruba  2. Griffis Sculpture Park, East Otto, NY 3. Butterfly Farm, Aruba 4. Jager Haus Restaurant, NOLA (Mike’s in that one)
Second Row: 1.  Street art, NOLA 2. A Buffalo on the facade of the Natural History Museum, NYC 3. Our engagement tree, Spraugebrook Park, Glenwood, NY 4. Mountains of South Lake Tahoe, CA
Bottom Right: 1.  Our Kayak Adventure, OBX

I plan on continuing to expand on this collection. This project made me realize we need to travel more often!


Riley approves (even though she looks grumpy!)


2 thoughts on “Deck the Halls

  1. Lauren… I love the color, the chandelier, the pics and your blog. You two are renovation raiders! Thanks for sharing it makes me feel like I’m not missing out on your lives 🙂


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