Hi Everyone!

Mike and I have been incredibly busy remodeling and getting our house together before we hosted thanksgiving.  Who starts a kitchen renovation a month and a half before hosting a major holiday? Yep, we do.  Talk about motivation to get your home in order.   We hosted 18 wonderful guests, all family, for dinner on Thanksgiving day and had several house guests throughout the week. We love entertaining so you know we were happy to do it!

I share with you a few highlights from the holiday weekend- the amazing products sprinkled throughout are from a great lil company in northern California called Riva Letterpress (RLP).  Elizabeth, owner/artist/printer extraordinaire is a friend of my brother in law Chris. He understands my style pretty well and when he introduced Elizabeth and I via email we clicked (no pun intended)!  She was so kind to send me a few samples to flaunt during the holiday. They added the personal touch I’m always looking for and had practical use as well! Thanks, Elizabeth!


I served this Rosemary Cranberry Sangria before dinner. I was happy to have an adorable tag from RLP to label the pitcher. I was running around getting the meal ready so it was really helpful let the guests know what was there.  There are so many food preferences and allergies out there today I think it’s a good rule of thumb to label, label, label when you can.



Momma Jaeger made the best butternut squash soup. Served in these adorable mini pumpkins, they were a season-appropriate way to start the meal (AND NO DISHES!) 😉  Vintage silver salt and pepper shakers from a thrift shop in Buffalo, NY.  I arranged the centerpieces and made the dinner napkins. If you can thread a sewing machine, you can make dinner napkins. Try it out!IMG_0937

LOVE these tags!  I put them on the bottles of wine for the table and luckily they survived – I plan on using them this holiday season to label hostess gifts.IMG_0934

IMG_0940Speaking of hostess gifts.  Mike and I owe this special gift to our aunt who hosted the family for an italian feast the day after thanksgiving. IMG_1202

Papa Mangino blessed the next generation with his homemade ravioli recipe (Thats “ol-ies” to the Manginos) and his A-MAZING sauce and meatballs.  I mean look at this picture below… Life’s most cherished memories are made in moments like these.IMG_0981

Mid holiday season I am reminded of all I am thankful for. Thank you for coming by!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving  (and, if you celebrated,  Hanukkah), filled with quality time with your friends and family, great food, drink and many leftovers!

Gearing up for the holidays…. hop on over to and use holiday code “15holiday” to receive 15% off all orders placed in December.Custom orders placed by 12/15 will be shipped in time for Christmas, so get on over there! RLP has more than the tags featured here. They carry holiday and thank you cards, personalized stationary, and more.


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