They Just Don’t Make ’em

…Like They Used to!DSC_0158

Before Mike and I moved to Ohio we owned a 1926 three story all brick foursquare in the historic neighborhood of Buffalo known as Park Meadow- the home of the 1901 Pan American Exposition. The original showcase of modern electricity!  And sadly,  the very place President McKinley was assassinated.   The rich history of the land and neighborhood was only one aspect we cherished.  The architectural details in our home was what truly made us fall in love and move from the ‘burbs to the city!


We made a few sacrifices when we decided to live in the city.  Among them was having a good sized yard, a decent garage (Mike’s a car guy!), and air conditioning.  So when we moved to Ohio it was our opportunity to change all that.  Enter our 1988 Center-Entrance Colonial-style home. Though it met many of our requirements, talk about Blahsville inside.  An optimist would say. “But what potential it has!”  Well, yeah.

If you follow Rust Belt Beautiful on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen a few mid-project updates for our living room renovation.  We completely overhauled the fireplace, added recessed lighting, upgraded the window, door, and base trim, and coffered the ceiling! Of course we painted (several times) oops! 🙂 and as you may have seen in a previous post, I made and hung new curtains.


The first task was updating the fireplace. While there was nothing wrong with the brick, we were really looking for something a bit more updated but not hyper-modern. We wanted the updated fireplace to look like it could have always been there.  We chose a remnant cut of Carrera marble at Crowne Granite & Marble to use for the hearth, the coordinating subway tiles from The Tile Shop  and all the wonderful woodwork was done by…you guessed it, Michael. We looked around houzz to find our fireplace / ceiling inspiration and honestly pretty much copied it. We are ok with that!


Next was the coffered ceiling. The original wood beams needed to be sanded so that the eventual paint would stick. After constructing the perpendicular beams and adding crown moulding, the nail holes were filled and the whole thing was painted with a sprayer. Mike pointed out that adding the crown was like trimming out 12 small rooms. To anyone who has ever installed crown moulding, you can sympathize.  But it looks. so. good.


There’s a lot of styling left to do in this room: hanging artwork as well as selecting accent pieces (do you like the coral curveball or no?).  Mike and I have a few reclaimed / repurposed furniture projects up our sleeves so look for a follow up post in a few weeks.  Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for reading!


And with the lights on at night:


9 thoughts on “They Just Don’t Make ’em

  1. Wow!! I thought I loved the fire place and curtains, but the ceiling is amazing! You both are such hard workers and your sense of style is elegant!


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