Dining Room Update

photo (1)As you may remember, our dining room was the first project we tackled in our new house. You recall the awful wallpaper story, I’m sure.  I never got around to posting photos of the room fully decorated because we needed to find dining chairs first. After weeks of trying to find 8 beautiful chairs at a reasonable price we found some online. And they are sitting in my garage.

I offer you the following no-brainer lessons that everyone knows but only sometimes follow:

1.  Really look at measurements when ordering online. Do you know what 36.25″H x 23.75″W x 25″D looks like? For real? Let me just tell you that they are way too big for a dining room 🙂

2. Certainly, look at any sort of return policy. Free shipping sounds
great until you realize that in order to return the $1,100 in chairs, it will cost you the original free shipping, return shipping and a 15% restocking fee. Personally, I rather use the chairs as firewood than to do that, but maybe I am being a little dramatic 😉DSC_0351

So if anyone needs a few beautiful, albeit large, accent chairs please contact me!

Ever onward. One thing I realized with those chairs is that I wanted their replacement on the lighter side in color, weight and visual presentation. We found the prefect chairs a few weeks later when a Restoration hardware email announced that their Madeleine Chairs were on sale. The side chairs were just $75 each so we got two arm chairs at $105 a piece!

With me a design is never really finished, but here is where the dining room stands today. I’m working on adding  golden-yellow accents and finding more wall decor before permanently hanging anything. (Click to enlarge)photo

Cocktail Area

Vintage metal “Niagara” sign from City Bank Antiques , Kent, OH

DIY Chalkboard Menu. Rusty Iron frame from Gothic City Antiques, Buffalo, NY


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