Powder Room Face Lift

It all started with wanting to get a manicure.

I was driving around Kent on my lunch break looking for a place to tackle my nail situation and per usual, shiny object syndrome took over. I spotted a Habitat for Humanity Restore store and had to go in. The selection that day had me in and out pretty quick. While trying to manuever out of their parking lot, around craters rivaling the surface of the moon, I managed to spot another beauty across the street: Einstein’s Attic.
Einstiens Attic
I walked in and the strong smell of patchouli and musky basement actually drew me in further.  I think to myself: their tag line is correct! This WILL be a place to find a great find.  I just felt it.

Quickly I spot 5 vintage LIFE magazines circa 1950-1956 for $4 a piece. I flip through and realize how amazing the advertisements are and that I can and should use them as art for my recently face-lifted first floor powder room. I bought them for $15.

I was so pumped about the way the advertisements worked out I decided to (have Mike) add a little shelf above the commode so I could add a few vintage inspired items.  There is an antique shop close by so creatively called, “Antiques and Collectibles” so I popped in to see what I could find. I did quite well!

I settled on a men’s shaving brush, early electric clothes iron, a “Blue Ball” (I can’t make that up) Mason Jar, and a few genuine apothecary bottles/ jars.  The purple bottle is my favorite. It says Folger’s Golden Gate Flavoring. Folger’s used the “Golden Gate” part of their name from 1878 to 1963 so that narrows it down to about a hundred years… If you know anything about it, let me know! 🙂

Before Photos: It was lovely for a grandma, I’m just not into topiaries 😉

photo          photo-1

Pulls: Allen & Roth- Lowes   Paint: Olympic Grey Goose                                Faucet: Moen Caldwell- Lowes


Photo frames: LA Collection- Joann Fabrics  Wait until they have the 40% off sale 🙂


3 thoughts on “Powder Room Face Lift

  1. Hi Lauren, The powder room is beautiful! I’m always so inspired when I see your work! We’re starting our new house in a few weeks. I’d like to take my time with decorating each room and hopefully, get some great results! I think all the details you include in your rooms are amazing! Aunt Pat also has beautiful design sense and has offered to help me. I’m really excited! Love, Aunt Beth



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