Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


What a neighborly weekend!

If you want to smile from ear to ear in goofy, nostalgic bliss, take a listen:  Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood- Won’t You Be My Neighbor . And look at Mr. Roger’s sweater. Great color.

This weekend we had the pleasure of meeting our neighbors to the left, right and across the street.  We were showered with cookies, house plants, and from the City Welcome Wagon, a plethora of coupons and gift certificates for local businesses. Just lovely. To top it off it was 70 degrees on Sunday! Perfect day to do outdoor house projects!

I love our new home. What I love equally is that we are inclined and capable of putting our own stamp on it.  There are really only two types of homes to purchase in the area: legitimate Colonial homes from the 1800’s or replica Colonial style homes from 1980-today. 95% are white with black shutters.  Not that there is anything wrong with that. 🙂 Ours is light grey with black shutters. NOT. MUCH. DIFFERENT.  I admit I have accidentally passed our house on more than one occasion.  At night it’s dark and they all look the same.

So this weekend we took matters into our own hands with a mini home-front makeover! Remember Mr. Roger’s sweater? Some would say its fantastic color is Benjamin Moore’s Marblehead Gold. The very same color we decided to paint our front door.

Pretty easy to do, of course!
1. Sand. We teamed up using both an orbital sander and a palm sander. It took about 20 minutes. Make sure to wipe the door down so that the sanded material doesn’t ruin your prime coats.  2. Prime (twice) and then paint (twice)  3. Add very cool door knocker, Hardware and kick plate   4. Rehang door.

I also used some leftover paint to freshen up an old clay pot. (Easter Lily compliments of our friendly neighbors, Derek and Katie)

picstitchTo complete our weekend mini makeover, Mike added some LED uplighting to the front.  The lights are extremely energy efficient with everything in the photo below using just 77 watts total.



3 thoughts on “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

  1. It’s beautiful! The gold really makes the house “pop” and the lighting is beautiful! I’ll remember these tips when we are decorating our new home! The lily is such a nice touch. I’m sure your neighbor appreciates seeing her gift on display! I hope we see you at Katie’s wedding. We all miss you!
    Love, Aunt Beth


  2. AMAZING!!!!!!!!Also thank you for being at Kate and Justins wedding. I hope you had fun!!! It was a beautiful day and more than they expected. Everything went so well. Take care kids!!! Love ya’s


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