Whine and Dine

So we have all heard nightmare wallpaper stories before and this is one for the books!  It took Mike and I over 37 working hours to get our dining room together (Mostly Mike’s time as what needed to be done was above and beyond my skill level or patience).

Here is a lovely “before” shot of our fabulous, ’90s dining room:

DSC_0058_2We went in prepared and optimistic. Mike, the researcher that he is, bought a wallpaper steamer, DIF spray, fancy scrapers, buckets, drop cloths – you name it. All the recommended tools of dewallpapering. As with any renovation you can’t possibly know what you are up against until you are elbows deep it in.  So, as we stripped the wallpaper  (that came off pretty darn easily) we were first encouraged and then… horrified.  This was not the first layer of wallpaper that was once on these walls.  Not uncommon. However, what the previous homeowners did, was merely skim-coat over areas where the previous wallpaper did not want to come off.  This may have been ok if we were re-wallpapering but we wanted fresh, clean, modern, wonderfully painted walls. No bueno.

After several hours of getting the stubborn wallpaper glue off the walls we called it a night.  Both on our ipads, we went into research mode again. What to do with these horribly uneven walls?  The only solution was for us (um, Mike) to re-skim all the walls with joint compound, sand, add a second layer, sand, seal, prime and then paint (2 coats of course).  Stay tuned for a guest post from Mike for a step by step how-to!

What resulted was a beautiful dining room and a reaffirmed hatred of wallpaper.


Walls: Gray Shingle, Sherwin Williams
Chandelier: Crystorama Solaris, lightingdirect.com

Here is a closer look at the chandelier:


There was no furniture yet as this was taken Sunday night and the movers came on Monday. We are still waiting for the chairs we ordered to arrive so I’ll do a separate post on the decor soon!


3 thoughts on “Whine and Dine

  1. Someday, all the wallpaper in the world will be history! The only place we should see new wallpaper is on our computer screens! I’m sure your new dining room will be beautiful!


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