A Trip to Decorator Heaven

RHLegacy Village in Lyndhurst, Ohio is one of my new favorite places on the planet. Restoration Hardware, Arhaus Furniture, Crate and Barrel and Le Creuset all within walking distance from each other? I’m pretty sure that’s what heaven looks like. World Market wasn’t too far away, either 🙂

We are closing on our house in 10 days so this past weekend we decided to go idea shopping!  Mike had to reign me in a bit as I talked myself into a $1685 chandelier purchase (don’t worry he talked me out of it). I have heard designers say, light fixtures are a home’s jewelry.  I could not agree more. Anyone who knows me knows I like me some jewelry (and accessories in general!)   As Mike and I looked at homes he resigned to the fact that no matter which one we chose, he’d be changing out almost every one.

The pluses and minuses to fancy store shopping:

Even though most of the places I listed above are ridiculously expensive they are great places to gather ideas and, if you’re crafty, present many  “I could make that!” moments.  I don’t know how many reclaimed wood and metal tables or benches we saw that caused Mike to say those very words.   If you are willing to receive it, the nice people at the stores (who sometimes have degrees in design) give you helpful guidance (but remember they are hoping to make a sale too). In addition, I really do try to buy local when I can. Hopefully DIY materials and even finished pieces can be sourced locally. A few of the retailers I plan to visit in the Cleveland/ Akron area are listed below.  (I’m sure these trips will inspire many more posts to come!)

imagesCAL216X1        67342956898369074_B3tDt256_b

Habitat for Humaninty ReStore                Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood

bcd75c9c3ad318c9d115c652dcbf4d6d                                         Reclaimed-Cleveland-Logo

Reincarnation Vintage Design                 Reclaimed Cleveland


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